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January 2020 Mass for First Communion Preparation

 Preparing for the Mass

Each month we will publish a resource sheet to support you in preparation for the Mass. In each one we will provide the following:

  1. The theme we propose
  2. The chapters of the resource book that the Mass theme will be developed around.
  3. The Gospel that will be used on the Sunday
  4. Any specific prayers that will be used in the Mass, other than those on the Missalette
  5. An explanation of any specific resources etc. that will be used at the Mass
  6. Suggestions for conversation in the week ahead of the Mass
  7. Suggestions for a prayer and conversation after the Mass

1. Theme

This Sunday, the 19th January 2020, is the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The theme we will take for the Mass is:

The Word of God Nourishes our Life.

2. Chapter of the Resource Book

Refer to chapter 4 of the resource book, Preparing for First Holy Communion; A Guide for Families.

Chapter Communion


We are Part of One Family, God’s Family


We Gather Together to Celebrate


We Celebrate God’s Forgiveness


We Listen to the Word of God

Read chapter four and complete the activities. Use this as an opportunity to talk about why you are bringing them to prepare for First Communion and preparing for the Masses.

 3. Gospel of the Mass

John 1:29-34  International Children’s Bible (ICB) Taken from the 18th chapter of the Gospel of Luke.

This version is from the International Children’s Bible – copied from www.biblegateway.com

Theme: Look, there is the Lamb of God

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him. John said, “Look, the Lamb of God. He takes away the sins of the world!  This is the One I was talking about. I said, ‘A man will come after me, but he is greater than I am, because he was living before me.’  Even I did not know who he was. But I came baptising with water so that the people of Israel could know who he is.”

Then John said, “I did not know who the Christ was. But God sent me to baptise with water. And God told me, ‘You will see the Spirit come down and rest on a man. That man is the One who will baptise with the Holy Spirit.’” John said, “I saw the Spirit come down from heaven. The Spirit looked like a dove and rested on him.  I have seen this happen. So I tell people: ‘He is the Son of God.’”

4. Specific Prayer at the Mass

We won’t have a specific prayer at this Mass.  We will be spending most of the time focusing on Scripture as the Word of God, nourishing us for our week ahead.

5. An explanation of any specific resources that will be used at the Mass

There are no specific resources being used on this weekend.

6. Suggestions for conversation in the week ahead of the Mass

Have a conversation about the readings at Mass.

  • The first one is usually from the Old Testament, the part of the Bible written before Jesus lived.  It helps us to see that people have been trying, for a very long time, to understand who God is and how God is involved in the world.
  • The second reading is from letters written by followers of Jesus to people they wanted to help to understand who Jesus was.
  • The Gospel is about Jesus and his life here.

Light your child’s Baptism candle at a meal around the time of this Mass, either in advance of it or after it or at both times.

7. Suggestions for prayer and conversation after the Mass

Talk about what took place at the Mass:

  • What was different about this Mass from other Masses you have taken part in?
  • What was the priest talking about? Let them tell you what they heard.

Use the PJ prayer in chapter 4 of the book as a night prayer on the night of Sunday 19th.

Loving God,
Thank you for the stories in the Bible.
Help me to listen to them carefully, so that I can hear your message.
Help me to act on that message, so that I can show my love for you and for others.
Keep us all safe through the night.

Use a prayer of Grace before Meals that your child has learned in school.

Bless us, O God, as we sit together,
Bless the food we eat today,
Bless the hands that made the food,
Bless us, O God.