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Night Prayer

We will have night prayer of the church taking place
each evening at 8pm using Zoom Video Conferencing.

All are invited to join in on any or every evening.

The code you need to access the Night Prayer service from your Zoom application is: 779 326 577  


To join in, please install the Zoom App. See the instructions.

Below are answers to some questions you may have about this gathering.

We look forward to seeing you and praying with you.

What is it?

It is a prayer service that will follow the format for Night Prayer of the church.  It will include Psalms, Reading of Scripture, Quiet time, some music and an opportunity for shared prayer.

Who can attend?

Anyone who wishes to take part can do so.

Do I have to go to the Church?

No, it is accessible from your home on a computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone.

Is it on the Web Camera like the Mass is?

No, it is accessible using software called Zoom.

Why is it using Zoom instead of the Web Camera?

The Web Camera is one directional only. You view what is taking place.  With Zoom, you will be able to see and hear everyone who is joining in, and you will be able to share a prayer if you wish during the shared prayer part.

What do I need to do to access it?

You will need to install Zoom on your computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone. See instructions on installing it.

How do I join in?

Once you have Zoom installed then you will use it to join in with the prayer by entering a the following 9 digit number: 779 326 577 See instructions.

Can I follow the words somewhere?

You may access it through this Compline Reflections Document which gives you Compline for each day of the week all in one place.

The current day is also accessible directly through the Night Prayer page on the Universalis website. Other hours of the day are available here too.

What if I cannot manage it?

Let us know by sending an email to communicationsgroup@greystonesparish.ie and give a contact number and we will arrange for someone to phone you to help.  We will email you in advance to tell you the name of the person who will call you.

We look forward to seeing you and praying with you.