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Using PayPal

When you click the donate button you will be taken to the Donate to Kilquade Parish’s PayPal page.

Enter an amount by changing the 0.00 to your preferred donation. Do this by clicking on the 0.00 number and typing in your amount. Be careful where you place the decimal point! Use the backspace key to erase an entry. In this example 1.00 EUR is entered.

At this point you can make a choice as to which collection you are donating to. Do this by clicking the little arrow to the right of the text (Optional) Use this donation for

It is not necessary to do this but it would be useful.

Beneath this, is the option of making this a recurring monthly payment. To avail of this facility, click the checkbox beside Make this a monthly donation.

Then choose the option:

  • Donate with PayPal and this will direct you to your own login for your PayPal account OR
  • Donate with a debit or credit card (this will ask you for card details. It will also ask for a PayPal name so you have an account for the future)

Once you are happy with your details, make the Payment and you will be directed back to the Parish Website.

At any point you can cancel and return to the website of Kilquade Parish and you will be directed back to the Parish Website.

Thank you for your support at this time. It is much appreciated.

To make a donation or contribution click here.