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The Survey – An Acknowledgement

Thank you to all who participated in a survey last weekend.

We had 202 respondents to our survey on Resuming the Public Services of the Parishes of Greystones and Kilquade.

The information is useful to us from a number of perspectives.

  1. It helps to know that you are eager to return to our liturgies.
  2. It is important to you that the environment is safe and well managed
  3. Our on-line liturgies are an important part of your weekend  experience
  4. This is a good forum for gathering your input.

Some of those horrid statistics are:

  • The response rate represents 30% of those who took part in our liturgy last weekend.
  • 88% are keen to return to Mass and 83% as soon as it is possible.
  • It is a 60% 40% split on whether we use a ticketing system or not
  • 75% of you are willing to attend Mass on a weekday so as to leave Sundays available for those who cannot attend on a weekday if required.