Confirmation Preparation 2020

Confirmation: Preparation, Ceremonies and Beyond

As we begin to resume our public liturgies and come to understand the complexities of managing a gathering space so that it is welcoming and safe, we are now in a position to offer dates for ceremonies for those who had been preparing for Confirmation this year.

Neither of the ceremonies of Confirmation nor First Communion for the 820 families in the two parishes took place.   We are now faced with the challenges of celebrating those ceremonies within the restrictions of space and priests available to us.

All of the ceremonies will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Kilcoole at 7:30pm.

There are caveats however to this as there are restrictions on how we gather in public and how we hold ceremonies.  The key ones are:

  • We can only accommodate the Confirmation candidate, their parents and their Sponsor.
  • Face coverings must be worn by all except the Confirmation candidate
  • We cannot have photography inside the church.
  • The priest anointing the candidate will use a separate piece of cotton wool for each person.  Unfortunately the priest will not be in a position to shake hands at the sign of peace which would normally happen at the time of Confirmation.
  • We cannot have any communal singing.

This raises many questions for people, click here for answers to the questions raised so far.

Please complete the following form in order to state that you wish to go ahead with the Sacrament at this time: Form

As the restriction of 50 on gathering indoors remains we have revised the ceremonies and have split them between  St. Anthony’s in Kilcoole and The Holy Rosary in Greystones.  The new dates, times and locations are here

Planning for the Ceremonies

Preparation Programme

This final step in preparation takes place in August. It requires you to view together, in the family, a set of 30 minute videos and complete a worksheet after each one.  We ask that, if possible, you follow these on the Wednesday evening of the week at 7:30pm. As they are on-line you are free to use them at a time that suits you, but by setting specific dates and times you will be more sure that it will take place and also be aware that there are many others following this at the same time.

On the last week, the candidate along with a parent, completes an online letter to the parish expressing that they want to make their Confirmation in Faith, this will include giving us the Confirmation name they have chosen and the name of the person they have asked to be their Sponsor.

The last part will be that during the week, before the ceremony, you take time together to watch a video explaining what will take place within the ceremony itself.

Preparation Resources:

Session 1: 

In this first episode, we focus, with Eleanor and Johanna, on the Holy Spirit and the difference it makes in our lives.

1. Introduction:  View Fr. John introducing the programme.

2. Video:  Watch the Video here

3. Conversation:  Over the coming week, set aside time to use this worksheet:  Come Holy Spirit – Worksheet 1


Session 2: 

In this second episode, Eleanor and Johanna look at the seven gifts and the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.

1. Video:  Watch the Video here

2. Conversation:  Over the coming week, set aside time to use this worksheet: Come Holy Spirit – Worksheet 2


Session 3: 

In this final episode, Eleanor and Johanna look at choosing Confirmation names and sponsors and the Confirmation ceremony itself

1. Video:  Watch the Video here

2. Conversation:  Over the coming week, set aside time to use this worksheet: Come Holy Spirit – Worksheet 3


Letter: Before the Confirmation date

When you have completed the three modules we want the candidate for confirmation to write a letter to Fr. John and Fr. Gerard, the priests who will be confirming them in the coming weeks.

We have created a form to complete as we do need the Confirmation Name and Sponsor Name they have chosen in advance of the ceremony.  The form, therfore, is structured to collect that information and also to allow some free flow text within it.  It will be sent to the priests and a copy to your email in the form of a completed letter.

Click here to complete the letter