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Confirmation Preparation Modules 2020

This part of the preparation programme is for both parents and the child preparing for Confirmation.

Each module takes place in Kilian House Family Centre, Greystones on the last Sunday of the month at 5pm and ends with the 6:30pm Mass in The Holy Rosary Church. Note the change of start time. We changed as a result of feedback after module 1  that the session, including Mass, was quite long.

The dates and themes are:

Date Module theme Ritual at Mass
26th January Belong Affirming our Baptism
23rd February Believe Fanning the Flame
29th March Being Called by Name
26th April Become Blessed with Oil

Who are they for?

The modules are aimed at the parents and the child preparing for Confirmation.

Do both parents have to take part?

No, it is only necessary for one parent to be there, and ideally the same parent at each of the four modules.

Can the child preparing for Confirmation attend on their own?

No, the programme is aimed at both the parent and child.

Will my child be Confirmed if we don’t attend these modules?

Yes, in this year of preparation these modules are optional and are seen as a support for families in preparing for Confirmation.

Must we attend all modules?

Yes, the expectation is that you attend all four of the modules.

What is the format of the Module?

The modules are designed to model what takes place in a community of faith.  Each module will include:

  • A sharing of food.
  • Participation in groups
  • Input by a speaker or speakers, in person or by video in relation to the topic.
  • Group discussion on the topic
  • The adults and children will, on occasions be in seperate rooms to allow for a different age related input both on the same topic.
  • Gathering together for Prayer
  • Discussion and planning for the Mass especially the ritual element in the Mass

Can other family members attend the Mass?

Yes, we encourage the other family members, parent and siblings, to join the group at 6pm in Kilian House Family Centre in order to move into the Mass together.

Must the other family members come to the hall for 6pm?

No, they can arrive for the Mass at 6:30pm if that is more suitable to the family and their circumstances.

Must the other family members come to the Mass?

No, it is not essential that other family members come to the Mass. it may be impractical to do so where there are small children.

Will the Mass be available on the WebCam?

Yes, those who cannot come to the church for the Mass can take part by following it on the parish webcam.

Do we need to sign up for the Modules?

Yes, we are inviting those who are interested in taking part in the modules to complete an Expression of Interest Form so that we can determine the quantity of resources we will require.