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From Easter to Pentecost (the Fiftieth Day)

The name “Pentecost” comes from the Greek word meaning “fiftieth.” Like Easter, it is tied to a Jewish feast. 49 days (7 weeks, or “a week of weeks”) after the second day of Passover, the Jews celebrated the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot).

Passover celebrates the freeing of the Jews from slavery; Shavuot celebrates their becoming God’s holy people by the gift and acceptance of the Law; and the counting of the days to Shavuot symbolises their yearning for the Law.

It was on the first Pentecost after the Easter that Jesus rose from the dead that the Holy Spirit came down onto the Apostles and inspired them to preach to all nations.  Taking place on the festival of Shavuot, a pilgrimage festival, Jerusalem was filled with pilgrims from many countries.

In this 50 days, between Easter and Pentecost, each year we are invited, through the readings in our Masses to spend time as ‘toddlers’ under the tutelage of the risen Jesus as he guides us in our first steps of understanding and when the Spirit comes down on us we emerge with a stronger understanding of being Church.

Here is a resource you might like to use as a means of following these 50 days from Easter to Pentecost.

You can find the detail for the Scripture references for each day here:

A reference such as : Jn 20:11-18 means the book of John, chapter 20, verses 11 to 18.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

During our Confirmation Preparation Programme this resource was referred to and is available to all here to look at and consider.

The Gifts of the Spirit package presents ways to give love a chance. St. Paul said the best of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit is love, that’s because in love all the other gifts come together.



Advent is a period of preparation, extending over four Sundays, before Christmas. The word Advent comes from the Latin advenio, “to come to,” and refers to the coming of Christ. This refers, first of all, to our celebration of Christ’s birth at Christmas; but second, to the coming of Christ in our lives through grace and the Sacrament of Holy Communion; and finally, to His Second Coming at the end of time.

Here are some on-line resources aimed at helping us in our preparation.

Other Resources:

Please feel free to suggest resources that you find useful in your preparation, to email Paul Thornton ( for inclusion on this page .