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St Patrick’s, Kilquade

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All cancelled for duration of pandemic shutdown.

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Our Parish Church was beautifully restored and re-ordered to mark its bicentenary in 2002. The original Church was burned down during the 1798 Rebellion. Re-built in 1802, many of its original features, the old stone floor, the windows above the Sanctuary etc. were restored. A new, beautiful liturgical sanctuary was established. An historical Church, of which we are proud!

St Patrick’s Church, Kilquade is steeped in history. The very name Kilquade (Cill Comhghaid) tells of a St. Comghaid who had a hermit’s cell or a church in the area.

We know that there was a Catholic community here in the sixteen hundreds. Indeed two chalices still in use, bear the inscription “Anno Domini 1633” and 24th November 1759”.

Also, official records of 1701 list a Fr. Seneca Fitzwilliam as the incumbent priest recognized by the British Government under the Penal Laws.

Tradition in the area tells that the original was burnt down in the time of Cromwell and rebuilt again. We know for certain that in 1798 the church was burnt down and in 1802 the present church built. Part of the funding for the new building was in the form of a “Restoration Grant” of £ 77 which came from the British Government. Consequently, St Patrick’s Church is known as a Compensation Church” and is the only such church remaining in the Dublin Diocese.

We know that the Catholic community here was an active one by the fact that after Catholic Emancipation, Daniel O’Connell wrote to Fr, Stennett, the then parish priest of Kilquade, asking if he had received a receipt for the contribution made by the parishioners of St. Patrick’s to the newly formed Catholic Association.

Now over two hundred years old, St. Patrick’s Church Kilquade had been recently renovated and refurbished. We pray that the faith, handed down to us by the generations who worshipped in this sacred place in the past, will continue to grow in our time and will shine brightly in this area in future generations.

Location & Driving Directions to the Parish Church

  1. If you are on the N11 going Southbound continue through Glen of the Downs
  2. Take the exit on your left for Kilquade after the Greystones and Kilcoole exit
  3. If you are travelling on the N11 Northbound exit for Greystones and Kilcoole on the left. Cross under the motorway continue to the next roundabout and follow the Wexford sign
  4. Continue back onto the motorway travelling southbound and then take the next exit left for Kilquade as in the southbound instructions

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