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Preparation for Confirmation

This is the support page for parents preparing with their children for the Sacraments of Confirmation.

Steps of Preparation

The preparation programme is in seven steps.

  1. Information
  2. Ceremony of Commitment – 17/18 December 2016
  3. Lent – Time to reflect together
  4. Meet and consider the ceremonies ahead.
  5. Easter – Celebrate the Light of Christ in the World.
  6. Service of Light / Confirmation
  7. Pentecost and Beyond ……..

Step 1: Information
The information meeting endeavours to open up for parents the significant step in the young person’s faith development that is taking place at Confirmation.
The style of the meeting is one where those taking part are invited to consider some questions and to discuss these in small groups together. Topics such as:

  • Looking back at your teenage years: What were some of the great moments and some of the challenges?
  • In relation to your son or daughter presenting for Confirmation: What are the opportunities and challenges facing them? How do these differ from yours?
  • What do your sons / daughters need to help them through this transition?

Before the next step work together on:
You Shall Be My Witnesses Resource: Session 1

Step 2: Commitment Ceremony
The Commitment Ceremony takes place within the weekend Masses on the 17th/18th December 2016. It is in this ceremony that the young person expresses to the Faith Community their desire for the Sacrament of Confirmation and their intention to prepare well for it.

Step 3: Lent
It is in Lent that, traditionally, the candidates for Confirmation carried out their final preparation. We will offer resources during Lent 2017 to the families to assist them in reflecting on the Scripture of that Liturgical season.

Before the next step work together on:
You Shall Be My Witnesses Resource: Session 2

Step 4: Meeting: Looking ahead to the ceremonies
This meeting, taking place in April 2017, will focus on the ceremonies of the Service of Light and Confirmation.

  • What takes place in those ceremonies?
  • What is the relevance of the ‘handing on’ of the baptismal candle?
  • What is taking the pledge about?
  • Supporting the choice of Sponsors and Confirmation name.

Step 5: Easter
At Easter we celebrate the significance of the death of Jesus and the resurrection of the Christ. This is at the core of our understanding of what it is to be Christian. We encourage families to take part in the ceremonies of Holy Week, leading into Easter. There are many different ceremonies and areas where people can be involved, we will look for your support in these.

Before the next step work together on:
You Shall Be My Witnesses Resource: Session 3

Step 6: Ceremonies
After Easter, the ceremonies of the Service of Light and of Confirmation will take place. We encourage you to take time to prepare for the ceremonies relevant to your family.

Before the next step work together on:
You Shall Be My Witnesses Resource: Session 4

Step 7: Pentecost and Beyond
It is at Pentecost, 50 days after Easter, that we celebrate the power of the Holy Spirit coming into fullness into the lives of the disciples. This is the moment that they were empowered to step forward and proclaim their belief in the Risen Christ. We encourage families to take part in the ceremonies on that weekend to celebrate the ‘birthday’ of the church to which we belong.

We look forward to journeying with you through the preparation programme.

Key Dates and Times

Dates and times for the Easter ceremonies will be published on the parish websites


Theme Place / Dates


Information Kilcoole 15th November at 8pm
Greystones 16thNovember at 8pm23rd November at 8pm
Newtown 22nd November at 7:30pm


Ceremony of Commitment All Masses 17th / 18th December 2016


Time to Reflect Lent 2017 begins on Ash Wednesday, 1st March 2017


Meet about the ceremonies Kilquade Parish 4th April 2017 at 8pm
Greystones Parish 5th April 2017 at 8pm


Easter 2017 Celebrate the Light of Christ in our lives
Palm Sunday Beginning of Holy Week 9th April
Community service of Reconciliation – Monday 10th / Tuesday 11th at 8pm.We invite all families to take part in the community based sacrament of Reconciliation during Holy Week as a further step in preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation.
Holy Thursday Celebration of Eucharist with washing of the feet 13th April
Good Friday Remembrance of Calvary and the way of the cross 14th April
Easter Sunday Celebration of the Resurrection 15th/16th April


Ceremonies of Service of Light and Confirmation across the parishes.


Pentecost Sunday Holy Spirit descends on disciples 5thJune