Preparing for the Sacraments

We are delighted that your family is taking part in the preparation for one of the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation.

We are here to support you in that preparation.

The purpose of the preparation is to help you, the parents, in growing in your own faith so that you can feel confident in sharing your faith tradition within your family.

The aim is to prepare the children for a Sacrament and to assist the family to grow in understanding of what is taking place.

This is not only a moment but it is a further step on the way for each person in the family, now and in the years to come.

On these pages you will find information and resources to help you on this journey of preparation.

Information Meetings and Resources

Dates for Sacramental Ceremonies 2018:

If you require further assistance on anything related to the preparation of these Sacraments please contact Paul Thornton, Parish Pastoral Worker, the Parish Office or any Priest in the pastoral area.