Stage 3: Receive

Evenings for parents and guardians were held in the pastoral area during March. These evenings focused on what it is we do as a community when we gather to celebrate Mass. Some of the areas we discussed together included:

  • Eucharist – a new belonging – linking liturgy to community
  • Catechesis on the Mass by breaking out the mass into recognisable parts through use of every day analogies
  • Community absence and presence – now and beyond

Home Involvement

We encourage you, over the next weeks to:
  • Take on the baking activity within your family. Share the results of this activity with others in the community. In doing so, open up a conversation within your family about Holy Communion and involvement within the faith community.
  • Take part in the ceremonies during Holy Week and Easter – See the parish website for details.
  • Use the prayers your child is learning in school frequently to develop familiarity.
  • Use the resource book ‘Preparing for First Holy Communion’ with your child.
The Baking Activity
As discussed at the meeting, this is not so much an activity to produce a cake at the end, rather it is an activity to help in your preparation for the celebration of an event in the life of your family.
Handouts included:

We’ve love you to share some photos with us. a selection of these will be used at the First Holy Communion Liturgies.

Upload your pictures and comments on the activity to the Tumblr account in order to share this with others in the community.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming First Holy Communion Liturgies.

Enjoy the day and all it entails, but especially look forward to the next stage of your faith journey for yourself and with your child.