Sacramental Preparation Programme for First Holy Communion

Stages of Preparation

The preparation is in four stages, each lasting 4 to 6 weeks. Each stage has a theme and will consist of:

  • A meeting
  • Things to discuss in the family afterwards.
  • A Mass on the final weekend.

The themes of the four stages are as follows:

As we progress through each stage, you will receive a number of handouts on the particular theme.

These will be issued at each meeting as detailed below.

If you need additional copies of that information, it will be available through here following the meeting. Click on the relevant theme above to access more detail on it.

Key Dates and Times

Stage Theme Meeting Dates Time Masses
1 Reflect Kilcoole 04/10/2016 8pm This stage completes with the enrolment ceremony which takes place within each of the Masses on the weekend of 26/27 November.
Greystones 05/10/2016 8pm
Newtown 18/10/2016 7.30pm
Greystones 19/10/2016 8pm
2 Reconcile Kilquade 17/01/2017 8pm This stage completes with a Mass in early March 2017.
Greystones 18/01/2017 8pm
3 Receive Kilquade 14/03/2017 8pm This stage completes with the First Communion Ceremony.
Greystones 15/03/2017 8pm

We look forward to journeying with you through the preparation programme.