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Children’s Liturgy of the Word Process

The following is a step by step description of how the Children’s Liturgy of the Word is operated each Sunday.

  • There is a leader and 4 Supervisors on each Sunday.
  • Before the Mass the leader, with assistance, sets up the space in the hall.
  • The leader and supervisors are in place in the church for the beginning of Mass.
  • After the opening prayer of the Mass (the Collect) the celebrant invites those taking part in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word to come forward and go to their activity.
  • All gather at the side door, to the right hand side of the church.
  • Once all are gathered, the group goes to the hall with two supervisors leading the group out of the church and the other two supervisors at the tail of the group.
  • If a child needs to return to the church at any stage during the activity, two of the supervisors will bring them back and ensure they return to their parent.
  • The leader leads the group activity.
  • The group receives an indication from someone in the Church when it is time to return.
  • They come into the church ideally in time for the Our Father.
  • the priest invites them to join him for the Our Father and to read a prayer and or explain what took place within their liturgy.
  • They return to their parents.
  • After Mass, the items in the hall are tidied away.