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Regular Mass Times: By Day & Time in Pastoral Area

                              (parishes of Kilquade & Greystones)

Starting Satrday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1stFriday OtherFriday
08:30am Newtown
09:15am Delgany Delgany Delgany Delgany Delgany Delgany
09:30am Delgany Delgany Newtown Newtown Newtown Newtown Newtown
10:00am Blacklion Kilcoole Kilcoole
Kilcoole Hospital &
10:00am Greystones Greystones Greystones Greystones Greystones Greystones
10:30am Kilcoole
11:00am Newtown Greystones
11:30am Newtown
Noon Kilquade
12:15pm Greystones
06:00pm Greystones
06:30pm Kilcoole
07:00pm Newtown
08:00pm Newcastle Kilcoole  Kilcoole

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Regular Mass Times: By Location & Time

Starting Kilquade Kilcoole Newtown Delgany Newcastle Hospital Greystones Blacklion
08:30am Sunday
09:15am Mon-Fri
09:30am Mon-Wed; Fri Sat;Sun
10:00am Tues;Thur; 1st Fri Mon-Wed Thursday Mon-Fri Sunday
10:30am Sunday
11:00am Saturday Sunday
11:30am Sunday
Noon Sunday
12:15pm Sunday
06:00pm Saturday
06:30pm Sunday
07:00pm Saturday
08:00pm Friday Saturday
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St Patrick’s, Kilquade

Mass Times

Sunday: 12 noon
Tuesday, Thursday & First Friday: 10:00am

Day of Obligation: 10:00am

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St. Anthony’s, Kilcoole

Mass Times

Sunday: 10:30 am, 6:30 pm
Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 am
First Friday: 8:00 pm

Day of Obligation: 10:30am, 8:00pm

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St. Joseph’s, Newtownmountkennedy

Mass Times

Saturday: 7:00 pm(vigil), 11:00am
Sunday: 8:30 am, 11:30 am
Monday – Wednesday, Friday: 9:30 am

Day of Obligation: 7:00pm(vigil), 10:30am
……NB: please note change in vigil mass
………….which used be 7:30pm


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Carmelite Church, Delgany

Mass Times

Sunday: 9:30 pm
Monday – Friday: 9:15 am
Saturday: 9:30 am

Day of Obligation: 9:15am

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The Holy Spirit Oratory, Newcastle

Mass Times

Friday: 10:00 am.
Saturday Vigil: 8:00 pm

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Parish Communications Group

We are presently putting together a group that will help to develop the communication & publicising of parish news and events. If you have PR and/or IT skills, if you are a blogger, reporter or a whizz on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Fr. John [for details – select ‘Contacts’ from menu at top of this

Cannot go to Mass ? View it live from Holy Rosary Church

Greystones parish have kindly provided Kilquade parish with a link to live streaming of Mass from Holy Rosary Church.

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