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Mass Times

St Patrick’s, Kilquade

Mass Times

Sunday: 12:00 noon
Tuesday, Thursday & First Friday: 10:00am

Day of Obligation: 10:00am

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All Mass Times

Regular Mass Times: By Day & Time in Pastoral Area

(parishes of Kilquade & Greystones)

Starting Satrday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1st Friday Other Friday
08:30am Newtown
09:30am Newtown Newtown Newtown Newtown Newtown
10:00am Blacklion Kilcoole Kilcoole Kilquade Kilcoole Hospital & Kilquade Kilquade Kilcoole
10:00am Greystones Greystones Greystones Greystones Greystones
10:30am Kilcoole
11:00am Newtown
11:30am Newtown Greystones
Noon Kilquade
06:00pm Greystones
06:30pm Greystones
07:00pm Newtown
08:00pm Newcastle Kilcoole

For Major Feast Days & Holy Days of Obligation – click here

Regular Mass Times: By Location & Time

Starting Kilquade Kilcoole Newtown Delgany Newcastle Hospital Greystones Blacklion
08:30am Sunday
09:30am Mon-Wed; Fri
10:00am Tues;Thur; 1st Friday Mon-Wed; & 2nd-5th Friday Thursday Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri Sunday
10:30am Sunday
11:00am Saturday
11:30am Sunday Sunday
Noon Sunday
06:00pm Saturday
06:30pm Sunday
07:00pm Saturday
08:00pm 1st Friday Saturday
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St. Anthony’s, Kilcoole

Mass Times

Sunday: 10:30am,
Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 am
First   Friday:    8:00 pm
Other Fridays: 10:00 am

Day of Obligation: 10:30am, 8:00pm

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St. Joseph’s, Newtownmountkennedy

Mass Times

Saturday: 7:00 pm(vigil), 11:00am
Sunday: 8:30 am, 11:30 am
Monday – Wednesday, Friday: 9:30 am

Day of Obligation: 7:00pm(vigil), 10:30am
……NB: please note change in vigil mass
………….which used be 7:30pm


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Carmelite Church, Delgany

The Carmelite Monastery was


on 3rd February 2019

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The Holy Spirit Oratory, Newcastle

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: 8:00 pm

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Come Together and Pray

Our family is our first church and where our faith was nourished.

Our faith community is where we can sustain this.

These days offer us a great opportunity to come together and pray.

See some of the resources available to us here.

Prayer Requests

We are inviting you to submit a prayer which will be included in our liturgies.

You are welcome to send in your prayer, include your name if you wish and an email address.

These prayers will be gathered each day before Mass and the intentions prayed for collectively.

Click on this link to send a prayer request.

Thank you.

Taking it Step by Step with God

So, where did you encounter God today?

Let us know, by emailing us, with a brief description (max. 40 words), and if possible include a photograph of your encounter with God. We will share it with others here.

See those images and thoughts already shared here.  Enjoy!



Angelus and Rosary at Midday

Each day we will gather at noon to say the Angelus and The Rosary together via the webcam.

We will offer these prayers for all those working on the front lines at the moment.

Please join us at noon.

Taizé On Fridays

We offer a Taizé style liturgy based on the format we used on the Friday’s in Lent.

It lasts about 25 minutes.  When you are ready click here to begin the prayer service.

Community Connected In Spirit

As our gatherings in person are restricted at the moment, we can still take this opportunity to gather together in Spirit.

For each day that we cannot gather together physically as a faith community, something new will be posted here.

Join the Faith Community in Spirit. All contributions of a spiritual nature are welcome.

If you have:

  • a refection,
  • a piece of music,
  • a prayer,
  • a hymn,
  • an inspirational/spiritual quote,
  • an inspirational photo/picture

- please email it to communicationsgroup@greystonesparish.ie so we can share it with others.

It would be nice to acknowledge the person who sent it in, but if you prefer not please state this on your email.

Let’s make this an opportunity to build further connections with each – if not physically, we can certainly do so virtually!

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